Texture Topaz Glaze Cone 5 - 6

Texture Topaz is a cone 5/6, lead-free glaze.

One of Spectrum's Reactive glaze series, it is formulated to produce reactions during the firing cycle which produce very interesting and beautiful effects. The final appearance of the glaze is dependent on firing temperature, glaze thickness and the composition of the clay body being used. The same glaze can look quite different on different clay bodies. The samples shown on the color charts are 3 brush coats of glaze fired to cone 5 in an electric kiln on a white clay body. Different results should be expected in reduction.

Texture Topaz exceeds the vanadium and/or copper threshold limit in the liquid unfired state and therefore is not non-toxic. However, it is food safe if fired to the proper firing temperature. It is also more fluid and may run, so be more careful when using it on vertical surfaces. Use fewer coats towards the bottom of the piece.


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