Adapt-a-Bat, Plastic Bat System

One 14" Adapt-A-Bat™ together with several 8" or 10" Plasti-Bats is the perfect solution for production or classroom instruction when smaller objects are being thrown and storage space is an issue.  The 14" bat fits onto standard wheel heads, it has two fixed bat pins spaced 6" apart on center. The smaller 8" and 10" bats fit onto these fixed pins. 

Adapt-A-Bats are constructed from specially formulated, 1/4" thick tough plastic for strength and long life. They won't swell or shrink, are easy to clean and are impervious to water and most chemicals.

We recommend storing Adapt-A-Bat™ plastic bats vertically in a slotted rack or stacked on a FLAT surface to prevent warping. When stacking Adapt-A-Bat™ plastic bats, be sure they are clean prior to stacking. Even the slightest obstruction can cause the bats to warp.


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