Every year, NMPCA (New Mexico Potters and Clay Artists) mounts a self-juried show, and this month, Santa Fe Clay Gallery is pleased to present the group's 2019 exhibit, MANY HANDS, MANY WAYS. This remarkable collection features work by more than 40 New Mexican artists, ranging from potters and ware makers to sculptors and conceptual artists.

The exhibit will be in the Santa Fe Clay Gallery until May 31, and individual pieces will be shown online. (To view the entire show, visit NMPCA's CELEBRATION OF CLAY, where you can also cast your vote for the People's Choice Award.) Please contact us directly for more information, or to make a purchase: +1.505.984.1122 or

Five prizes were awarded at the April 26 opening:

Best In Show / Sheryl Zacharia, Mosaic Sky  $4,000

Awards of Merit

     Serí Kotowski, Antiquities XIX, Jar  $1,700; Carolyn Stupin, Girl of Ethiopia  $850; and Penny Truitt, Border Remnant  $2,800

UNM Arita Porcelain Department Award for Beauty, Quality and Functionality

     Andrea Pichaida, Cintas Color  SOLD

When inquiring about a particular artwork, please include both the artist's full name and the name of the piece.

Luisa Baldinger, Vase $225     Elaine Bolz, Tiger Lilies $590     Taylor Henry, Stomachache $1,250

Kari Rives, Raphael  $9,800  Sheena Cameron, Raven/Adder/Stone/Sun/Moon  $550  Penne Roberts, Int'l Space Station  $850 

Frank Willett, Basin  $450     Lee Akins, Elliptical Bowl  SOLD     Darla Graff Thompson, adaptation  $500

Andrea Pichaida, You and Me  $875      Leonard Baca, Ocean Blue $150
John Segell, Covered Jar (Wide)  $195     Georgia Barnes, BB3  $300     Charlotte Ownby, Aspen Tree Vase  $375
Diane MacInnes, Silenced  $1,080    Amanda Jaffe, Drained of Color  $1,400    Kathleen Baker, Now and Then  $175
Gail Goodwin, Galaxy Series #5  $225      Gail Zipperer, Rustbelt Raven  $1,400