Please note: prices include sales tax.      

Courses are 4- or 8-weeks long and may be purchased with or without full studio access. Full studio access includes storage space and unlimited access to the studio during studio hours; limited access provides no storage, and is valid for class days only. Drop-ins are limited to class hours; studio time is not included.

Courses consist of once-weekly class sessions lasting 3 hours. Each 4-week course provides approximately 12 class hours; each 8-week course provides approximately 24 class hours.

Full studio access begins the first day of the month and ends the last. Classes and studio time are not prorated for late enrollment. Students are responsible for scheduling make-ups for missed classes.

Students receive one bag of clay (25 lbs) per month for class enrollment; additional materials and supplies must be purchased separately. 

Cancellation policy: Except in the case of cancelled classes, registration fees are nonrefundable. All other refunds are made in the form of a store credit only.

May Session: May 6 - May 31, 2019