José Sierra August 1-5

José Sierra
Form, Shape and Space
August 1 - 5

Some wheel throwing experience is necessary.

José Sierra is fascinated by the principles of Organic Geometry and the unlimited patterns that can be envisioned using simple geometric shapes such as the circle, square and triangle. He has explored structure, pattern, proportion, symmetry, order, harmony and rhythm, and has played with these concepts to design vessels of unique beauty. In this workshop, students will explore throwing and altering vessels in stoneware or porcelain clay. Wheel thrown forms will be the starting point, and will then be combined with handbuilt additions, either coiled, extruded or slab built. On bisque samples, students will work with latex, wax and vinyl paper to prepare for applying glaze. The application of layered glazes will be demonstrated to create intricate and detailed patterns. A cone 8 electric firing will give participants the chance to experiment with a variety of surface treatments in an effort to balance form and decoration. Students can also bring small simple bisqued pieces for glaze experimentation.


José Sierra was born in Mérida, Venezuela. “The images and memories of coffee mills, intensely colored mountains, dramatic landscapes, pre-Colombian art and architecture of the Andean region of Venezuela all form an important part of my visual inspiration.” While he is a predominantly a self-taught artist, José was introduced to ceramics at the University of the Andes in Mérida, Venezuela where he learned his basic clay skills. In 2000, José moved to the US and became a full-time studio artist. He currently resides in Forest Grove, Oregon.

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