Slide Lecture With Christy Georg

Friday April 14 • 1:00 PM

Santa Fe Clay
545 Camino de la Familia
Santa Fe, NM 

Free to Public

Santa Fe Clay is excited to welcome Christy Georg on Friday, April 14th. Christy will break down and explain fabrication of a complex pattern, producing 16 large plaster molds, slip-casting vitreous china, drying, handling, glazing, and firing at Kohler Pottery.

“Great Guns,” one of the most ambitious projects attempted in the 43-year history of the Kohler Arts/Industry Residency Program, is a project by artist Christy Georg that will result in a large ship-like installation featuring two huge, ghostly white naval cannon cast in vitreous china (industrial porcelain) and mirrors which reflect them in an infinite gun-deck.

This process-oriented explanation of the making of “Great Guns” shows a feat of trial-and-error engineering a monumental project on a very tight budget. The USS Constitution Museum in Boston endorsed the project and provided schematics of the original 1797 cannon, which Christy used to make one out of MDF wood, a complicated project on its own, which took two months to complete. Using this as the pattern, at Kohler she produced sixteen huge multi-part plaster molds with steel infrastructures and handles to manipulate them solo with a hoist. Using them, she successfully slip-cast in vitreous china (liquid industrial porcelain) the twenty-seven components to make a full cannon… twice! Some of the components are the largest ever attempted at the facility. They look fantastic, exactly as she imagined: huge, shiny white cannons with a toilet-like visual vernacular - a perfect balance of industrial manufactured product and fragility; they embody beauty and death simultaneously.

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