Phyllis Kudder Sullivan & Cheryl Ann Thomas

Phyllis Kudder Sullivan & Cheryl Ann Thomas
July 24 - September 5, 2015
Gallery Opening Reception: Friday, July 24th, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Phyllis Kudder Sullivan and Cheryl Ann Thomas each create large-scale, elegant vessels from tiny coils of clay. In fact, these delicate woven ceramic forms are often mistaken for textiles. Graceful, impossibly fragile forms resemble wasp or bird nests, insect cocoons, or the meticulously constructed shelters of animals one comes across in nature. Containment is implied, though distinctions between interior and exterior are blurred by the folding and fragmentation of the forms.

Sullivan, Vortex No 70 , 13x12.5x12, Stoneware, 2014

Phyllis Kudder Sullivan uses a technique of “weaving” coils of clay to create vessels and closed forms. She refers to her sculptures as “space nets,” structures that are seamlessly enclosed, with no evidence of a beginning or end. Sullivan embraces her obvious influences: the domestic work of women, architecture and nature.

Thomas, Drape, 17.5x20x16, Porcelain

Cheryl Ann Thomas builds her vessels one tiny coil at a time. Once her delicate cylindrical sculptures are built, she uses the firing process as a means of letting go. The thin vessels cannot support their own weight in the kiln, and they collapse in on themselves unpredictably. Interestingly, the very same process that causes the collapse of her forms also give the porcelain its durability and strength. The experience of creation and loss runs through this body of work.

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