Kathy Erteman, Giselle Hicks & Lauren Mabry

Kathy Erteman, Giselle Hicks & Lauren Mabry
April 17 - May 30, 2015
Gallery Opening Reception: Friday, April 17, 5:00 - 7:00 pm
Kathy Erteman, Giselle Hicks and Lauren Mabry each work within a simple vessel format, with distinct personal building methods, aesthetics and styles. Within the most stripped down forms, these talented artists demonstrate a unique range of individual concerns, interests and possibilities for expression.

Erteman, Ivory Monoprint Vessel, 8x6x4, Stoneware, 2014Hicks

Kathy Erteman has been designing for industry for many
years. This exhibition will present one-of-a-kind vessels
with a restrained, pared down aesthetic. Her highly
personal vessels are “metaphorical in their exploration of
containment, and celebrate form.” Erteman is a New
York based artist and currently works out of her studio in

Giselle Hicks creates vessels using a pinch/coil building
technique. Through these forms she pursues a formal
exploration of shape, volume and composition. The
surface textures are created by subtle finger prints,
illustrating her process, and her quiet glaze palette
allows for the focus to be on pure form. Hicks recently
completed a two year residency at The Archie Bray
Foundation in Helena, MT.

spilling pipe (23535) edited-1

Lauren Mabry uses her ceramic vessels as a canvas for
painting with glaze. Her abstract, exuberant surfaces are
brilliant with color. She relishes the balancing act
between technical mastery and her ability to relinquish
control to the process. Mabry is currently a long-term
resident at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia.

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