Finished With Fire - Bonnie Lynch & Mary Roehm

June 13 - August 2, 2014
Opening Reception: June 13, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Each of these artists uses elements of fire to achieve their surfaces, which reflect the unpredictable results of wood ash and smoke on the clay.

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Lynch, "Black Ribbon Vessel 1 & 2" 2014

Bonnie Lynch grew up on a ranch in West Texas, where the wide-open landscape inspired her to create forms of great scale and cohesion. Lynch’s tactile, minimal forms are created in either her studio in Santa Fe, NM or back home in West Texas. Her process involves weeks of coil-building thin-walled vessels, which range in size from forms that fit in your hands to vessels that stand several feet tall. The pieces are then pit-fired, the oldest method of firing pottery, generating one-of-a-kind organic markings. She is interested in the beauty that comes with simplicity and process. Lynch’s work has been shown nationally and internationally, from Donald Judd’s house in Marfa, TX to          The Louvre in Paris, France.

Lynch states that “the forms are references to the landscape—to the surface of the dirt, to the stones and boulders, to the spaciousness and variation in the day and night sky, to the intense silence, and to the temperature variations of icy cold, clear, crisp winter mornings, and hot, hot, dry June days. The vessels also make reference to the meditative state of the desert.”

IMG 1224

Mary Roehm hand builds and throws forms out of porcelain, which she compares to paper. They are delicate and translucent yet strong in nature. She builds aggregate vessels, created in parts that are either cut up or torn apart and then reconstructed. The final stage of her process includes wood firing her pieces at very high temperatures, resulting in unique colors and surfaces. She accidentally discovered wood-firing while in graduate school and has never turned back. Roehm has been exhibited nationally and internationally, has had a long academic career, and an ongoing career as a pastry chef in Vermont.   


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