David Crane & José Sierra

August 8 - September 20, 2014

Gallery Opening Reception: Friday, August 8, 5:00 - 7:00 pm
Indian Market Opening: Friday, August 22, 5:00 - 7:00pm
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Crane, Night and Day ZigZag Box, 12" tall, 2013, Saltfired stoneware

David Crane is a Professor of Ceramics/Art at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA where he has taught since 1995. He makes functional stoneware salt-fired pots, either wheel thrown and altered, or slab built. His influences range from the historic traditions of China, Japan and Europe, to prehistoric and contemporary Native American pottery and textiles. His goal is to create finely crafted pots that are well designed and dynamic, inviting their use. Contrasting patterns and glazing reflect both the landscape of his rural Virginia home and the deserts and mountains of the American Southwest where he has spent much time. He has exhibited extensively and is a founding member of “Sixteen Hands”, an association of craftsmen working in wood and clay.

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José Sierra grew up in the Andes of Venezuela. His memories of coffee mills, intensely colored mountains, dramatic landscape, pre-Colombian art and architecture, as well as contemporary design, all combine to influence and inspire his work. By altering wheel-thrown porcelain and stoneware, José’s work fuses organic and geometric forms, which represent the fluidity and abruptness of the shapes and lines in the landscapes and architecture that surround him. The colors of the Andes and Catalina Mountains also inspire his palette of glazes. José studied art at the University of the Andes in Mérida, Venezuela. In 2000, José moved to Iowa where he dedicated himself to both sculpture and pottery. He is currently living in Oregon where he is working full-time as an artist.


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