Brett Freund, Kari Smith, Holly Walker

Brett Freund, Kari Smith, Holly Walker
September 11 - October 24, 2015
Gallery Opening Reception: Friday, September 11th, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Brett Freund, Kari Smith & Holly Walker each hand build complex vessels from clay with a focus on melding form and surface in unique ways

Brett Freund is based in Minneapolis, MN. He assembles slip-cast parts to construct forms that reference crystal growth and geologic formations. These sculptural vessels are then decorated with a combination of graphic line drawings and luscious gem-like glazes. Porcelain is the ideal pure icy-white clay for these intricate explorations.

Kari Smith’s pots reference the landscape of New Mexico, where she has lived since 2005. She intentionally leaves the marks of slab-building to illustrate her construction process, and this architecture then becomes a structure for layered drawing and coloration. The surfaces are dry, the tones and colors are rich and deep referencing the dramatic earth and sky of the Southwest.

Holly Walker’s work is hand built using a slow, rhythmic pinching method that allows time to envision the piece while she works. She approaches the surface of her pots as a painter, brushing slips over the raw clay, as well as layering multiple glazes after bisque firing. Holly uses terra cotta clay and has developed a vibrant color palette for this temperature range. She lives in Vermont.



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